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About En Face Skin Care

En Face is a skin care company inspired by the French philosophy that healthy skin is the foundation for lifelong beauty and a reflection of overall health.

French women of all ages consider the quality of the product they use on their skin as the foundation of beauty. At En Face our products meld the finest ingredients with a philosophy of natural beauty and holistic care.

We believe beauty is ageless. The French have a saying; La Beauté N’a Pas d’Âge’ — which translates to; Beauty Doesn’t Have an Age. As Coco Chanel said; “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

‘En Face’ (pronounced on farce) is a French ballet term meaning ‘to face forward’. We believe in the spirit of joie de vivre – that life can be challenging, but with confidence and self-belief there is much to enjoy.

As skin matures it becomes thinner, we lose natural collagen and elastin. For most women, after 40 our skin becomes less luminous, begins sagging with wrinkles appearing and deepening over time. Dehydration associated with alcohol and cigarettes further accelerates the skin’s natural aging process.

The En Face range of cosmeceutical skin care products have been especially formulated to meet the needs of maturing skin. Our creams and serums are made by hand with only the highest quality of ingredients. Our formulas contain the right active ingredients in the precise percentage required to restore natural skin health. Many creams contain these active ingredients, but in such small doses as to prove ineffective. Our unique formulas are non-irritating and naturally hydrating, meeting the complex needs of aging skin. They contain the exact percentage of active ingredients

We believe in healthier skin and natural beauty at every age.