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Passion for Skincare

En Face is a skincare company inspired by the French philosophy that healthy skin is the foundation for lifelong beauty and a reflection of overall health.

Kim Baxter is the passionate owner behind the En Face Skincare brand. From as early as 18 years of age Kim became very interested in skincare. As a professional ballet dancer, she was used to wearing lots of heavy make-up for long periods of time.

The heavy foundation she applied under stage makeup often left her skin feeling dry and unhealthy. During the off-season, she would leave her skin completely clear of any makeup and so, she quickly learned the value of healthy skin.

Price Tag Means Nothing

Many women, and men, spend a lot of money on expensive skincare brands thinking they must be effective products if they cost a lot of money.

When Kim was in her mid-40 she started to notice that her skin was constantly dry, no matter how many layers of expensive cream she applied.

She soon discovered that there were many women in her age bracket who shared the same complaint about how inactive and inefficient their skincare products were, despite having spent a lot of money on them.

The Steps to Launch En Face

En Face is a French term which means “facing forward”. Kim adopted the name for the brand because it reminds her of her ballet background. In classical ballet the term “en face” means to face the front before or after movements.

At En Face we believe that it is what is in the jar that is important, not the beautiful packaging that you pay a fortune for! Kim began to research about the positive effects of cosmeceutical products their active ingredients, for example, vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and various antioxidant extracts.

Kim has completed a Diploma of Personal Care Formulation and a Diploma of Personal Care Development at the Institute of Personal Care Science in Queensland. Her mission this time was to learn all the facts that one needs to know to create a skincare brand, about cosmetic regulation, sourcing raw materials, types of packaging, and product safety testing.

After finishing her diploma Kim started to design and formulate her ideal range of products. Her mission was to create a brand that would help improve mature skin health and alleviate common skin complaints such as dry flaky skin, premature wrinkles as a result of sun damage, uneven skin tone, skin dullness, skin congestion, sensitive skin, and most importantly, I wanted my products to be formulated and delivered safely. Thus, the En Face Skincare range was born.

Our Range

The En Face range of cosmeceutical skin care products have been especially formulated to meet the needs of maturing skin. Our creams and serums are made by hand with only the highest quality of ingredients. Our formulas contain the right active ingredients in the precise percentage required to restore natural skin health.

Our unique formulas are non-irritating and naturally hydrating, meeting the complex needs of aging skin.

We believe in healthier skin and natural beauty at every age.